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Terms and Conditions

Mar 22, 2020 | Open Call



    This contract describes the general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”) applicable to the contractual relationship arising for anyone that enters this website www.festiver.org (hereinafter referred to as “The Site”).

    Consequently, anyone who does not accept the General Terms and Conditions, which are compulsory, adherent and binding, must refrain from using “The Site” or participate in the activities that are implemented, regulated and/or established on it.

    Therefore, before making a link with the activities that may be established on “The Site”, “The User” must read, understand, and accept all the conditions stipulated in these Terms and Conditions, and in the documents incorporated into it by reference.

    Please do not print this document.


    2.1. Privacy Policy. FESTIVER will not collect or file any information concerning your person (whether name, address, phone number or e-mail address) that was not voluntarily provided by each of the participants.

    2.2. Disclosure of Personal Information to Outside Parties. FESTIVER may share your information with other festivals and/or related activities, provided that it contributes to meet the purposes of FESTIVER. Therefore, the use of your data will be limited exclusively to the objective, mission and purpose of FESTIVER.

    2.3. Minors. FESTIVER does not have and would not want to have any personal information (such as name, address, telephone number, email address or any other information) of children under 18 years of age. If the parent or guardian of a minor who provided their data to strong>FESTIVER would want these to be removed, they must contact us and we will proceed to delete their information from our records.

    2.4. Cookies. When participants enter “The Site”, FESTIVER can keep certain information in the form of “Cookies” or similar files that are automatically downloaded to your computer. Cookies allow, among other things, to set a site or its advertising to your interests and current preferences. For your peace of mind cookies are safe in all aspects. They are not programs that can be used to damage files, and it is not possible to obtain your personal data from them. If users and/or participants in any case do not want cookies to be sent or archived in their system, most Internet browsers allow them to delete those from their hard disk, prevent their storage or receive a warning before cookies are stored in the computer. Please refer to your Internet browser instructions or go to the help section to learn how to use these functions.

    2.5. Links to other sites. InFESTIVER we cannot assure the protection of personal data you provide to third-party websites you access through links from “The Site” www.festiver.org given that these third-party websites are owned by third parties and are managed independently. These third-party websites have their own data privacy policies, but exceed the control of FESTIVER. Any information the participants provide to these third-party websites will be regulated by their own security policies, where they exist. FESTIVER is not responsible under any aspect for the actions or policies coming from third-party websites, nor liable for the content or privacy policies of such sites.

    2.6. Security Measures. No transfer of information over the Internet will be a hundred percent safe. While we take all measures which are within our reach to protect your personal data and the content of data sent or received through e-mail messages, we cannot fully guarantee the security of the information sent, so transmission is done at your own risk. When receiving or sending information by means of a data message, FESTIVER will carry out all necessary efforts for the security in our systems.


    “The Site” www.festiver.org is fully owned by FESTIVER. The contents and all the information of “The Site” www.festiver.org (texts, images, graphics, sounds, animations, contents, videos, etc.), as well as the programs, databases, networks, files, are protected by the intellectual property rights regulated by the laws of intellectual property of the Republic of Colombia. Unless authorized to do so, the material contained in “The Site” www.festiver.org cannot be copied, reproduced, distributed, marketed, modified, mutilated, published, uploaded, broadcasted, sent or transmitted in any way.

    It is placed on records that any information or recommendation provided on “The Site” www.festiver.org has the purpose of assist and guide whoever visits “The Site” and is delivered in good faith by FESTIVER. However, FESTIVER assumes no responsibility for the use, application, interpretation and/or processing that users and/or participants could give to such information and will not grant warranty on the accuracy of its contents. For this reason, FESTIVER is not responsible for any decision or action that participants and/or users could endorse based on information contained on “The Site” www.festiver.org, or for damages resulting from it. The use of such information is sole risk of the user and/or participant. The information contained on the website www.festiver.org may be updated or modified regularly; therefore it should not be construed as definitive. FESTIVER reserves the right to bring legal actions deemed appropriate, arising from any illegal or infringing uses by third parties.

    Domain name: FESTIVER is the owner of the following domain name: www.festiver.org
    The user must not make improper use of the same and/or register similar domain names that could cause confusion with the audience in general, both in Colombia and in any part of the world.


    Unless specified otherwise, the material posted on “The Site” www.festiver.org is presented with the sole purpose of promoting the Barichara Green Film Festival; said information is explanatory and referential and cannot be taken in any case as an offering to the audience, nor as true, objective, verified, detailed, effective or sufficient information.

    Without prejudice to FESTIVER’S inclusion of precise and updated information in the website www.festiver.org, we will not guarantee that said information is absolutely true, updated or free of error or inaccuracy. FESTIVER will not be held responsible for any mistake or omission in the information provided in “The Site” www.festiver.org. All the data must be confirmed by “The User” who should access the content.


    “The User” accepts that FESTIVER can, at any time and without prior notification, modify the conditions given in these Terms and Conditions, accepting the amendments made, without being able to complain about it.

    In any case, FESTIVER is obliged to publish in “The Site” all the modifications intended for these Terms and Conditions, in order to generate publicity for “The User”.


    FESTIVER informs that any action, device, software or any other way intended to interfere in the activities or operations of “The Festival” are not allowed. Any interference, attempt or activity that violates or opposes the laws of the right to intellectual property or the prohibitions stipulated in this contract will hold the liable responsible for the appropriate legal actions and for the penalties considered for this agreement, as will hold them responsible to compensate for the damage caused.


    FESTIVER will not be held responsible for any damage, prejudice or loss caused to The User by the system, in the server or the internet www.festiver.org, nor will it be held responsible for any virus that may infect The User’s computer as a consequence of the access, use or exam of its website or due to any transference of data, archive, images, texts or audio contained in it. The User won’t be able to hold FESTIVER liable nor demand any payment for ceasing profits due to damages resulting from technical difficulties or failures in the systems or the internet. The system may be eventually unavailable due to technical difficulties or internet failures, or to any other external circumstance; in such cases, we will try to restore as soon as possible but FESTIVER will not be held accountable for any sort of responsibility. FESTIVER will not be responsible for any mistake or omission of contents in their website.





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