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Custom essay writing is a crucial part for college students in the course of their studies. Unlike high school, professors in college require their students to follow the recommended format for English essay writing at the college level. Some of the most common formats for college essays include APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago. The level of proficiency required for paper writing at the college level is high hence the need for some college students to hire the services of companies that offer essay writing services. Companies that offer essay writing services thrive on the incapability of some college students to write competitive essays. Some may call it cheating but all that these companies do is to offer academic guidance in English essay writing. the college student is required to borrow the idea and then come up with a better version of the essay drafted by the company. Companies offering essay writing services like are numerous implying that the number of college students who are poor in custom essay writing is quite high. Universities have been petitioning the authorities to close down essay writing services companies. In my opinion, college administrators should be more worried that their students opt to seek assistance from online writers rather than faculty members. Is it that the teaching staff are rude and condescending


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